“Empty coffers, wages and services at risk”: Amat workers in the square

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 17:22

Share The workers of Amat Palemo will protest in Piazza Pretoria next Thursday 30 September from 9 to 13, with a sit in. Organizing the protest are the trade unions, Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Faisa Cisal, Ugl, Cobas and Orsa Tpl. “Once again in the Amat coffers – they write in a note – there is not a euro! Service at risk as well as the salaries of employees who this month will have to suffer yet another delay, with the usual consequences for families who live off their work. Once again from the municipal administration this is not a sign of relaxation and understanding for the just expectations of the workers. The Municipality does not pay it for a tug-of-war that has lasted for some time between the Amat and the municipal administration, which orders the company to sign the acceptance of another cut to the already meager and reduced company budget “. Meanwhile, the unions say, discontent among workers is growing: “The delay in economic availability will also lead to the consequent delay in the supply of spare parts for the maintenance of buses, further compromising the availability of full service for citizens. It is quite singular to hear continuous announcements of the political will to build sustainable, efficient, innovative mobility with the addition of major works by introducing and expanding the tram network; but it all seems a contradiction when the resources for sustenance and maintenance of the service are progressively reduced, with the Tosap and Tarsu / Tari affair on which there is still no determination with the serious risk of compromising business continuity “. “We will manifest – conclude the trade unionists – the dissent of the workers for this continuous immobility of the municipal administration in paying the due transfers, as per the service contract, sums necessary to allow the payment of wages and the continuation of the company activity without interrupting or weakening the service to users “

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