Emergency room crowded in Palermo: "Too many accesses for minor cases"


"Do not crowd the emergency rooms of Villa Sofia and the Brain of Palermo for situations that do not have emergency characteristics and that can be managed in other structures ". This was the message launched during the meeting of the Corporate Committee for the overcrowding of the emergency areas which took place in the registered office of Villa Sofia Cervello, in the presence of the operators of the two emergency rooms, led by Director Aurelio Puleo, with coordination of the Health Director of Villa Sofia Cervello, Aroldo Rizzo.

The arrival of the flu peak, a strong increase in the presence of elderly subjects struggling with respiratory problems, are creating situations of great overcrowding, above all because in addition to emergencies (red and yellow codes), the presence of subjects is always stable, if not increasing (codes green and white) who go to the emergency room for problems for which other structures are present in the territory.

“The medical guards, the outpatient clinics, without forgetting the general practitioners, are in fact able to deal with these situations and provide adequate assistance. At the emergency room Villa Sofia there are over 55 thousand accesses per year, while at the brain there are about 35 thousand ".

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