Emergency migrants: ferry, ships, and planes in action as 1,828 leave Lampedusa.

Today, 1,828 migrants will be transferred from the overcrowded Lampedusa hotspot, out of the total of 3,593 present. Strong winds and rough seas have halted crossings and landings since Sunday. Authorities are working quickly to alleviate the strain on the facility. The military ship Mimbelli has already reached Lampedusa and is boarding 600 migrants who will be disembarked in Augusta. The Galaxy ferry has also left Porto Empedocle, set to board 500 more migrants and head towards Porto Empedocle. Additionally, the ship Lampedusa will transfer 448 migrants, expected to dock at Cala Pisana at 5 pm and then sail to Trapani. Four military flights will also transport a total of 280 migrants to Comiso, Pisa, Bari, and Venice, with 70 migrants in each flight.

Emergenza migranti, traghetto, navi e aerei in azione: 1.828 lasciano Lampedusa

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