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Emergency holes and chasms in Palermo, 2.5 million plan to have them done by Anas

presented by the deputy adriano varrica

Road potholes emergency in Palermo. The parliamentarian Adriano Varrica filed an amendment to the decree in conversion at the Chamber of Deputies to assign to Anas an extraordinary plan for the reconstruction of the streets of Palermo with a budget of 2.5 million euros.

A extraordinary plan managed by Anas, emergency in progress

“I proposed – explains Varrica – an extraordinary plan for the reconstruction of the streets of Palermo managed by Anas, in line with what is happening in Rome. There is an ongoing emergency in the Sicilian capital that needs special tools to ensure safety for citizens. I hope that Parliament and the Government can support this proposal “.

Interlocution with the Municipality of Palermo

“Our institutional action – continues the exponent of the 5 Star Movement – is always aimed at finding solutions, politics does not have the task of complaining or complaining. This proposal is the result of constant dialogue with the Municipality of Palermo and the continuous requests of the council group and the district councilors of the M5S who, on a daily basis, try to give concrete answers to the citizens of the Sicilian capital “.

Bumpy asphalt and dangerous holes in many streets of Palermo

The streets of Palermo are, and this it should be specified, in a pitiful condition.

Many times BlogSicilia has documented the situation of many important city roads for viability.

This is the case of via Crispi. In addition to the well-known events relating to the works never started on the underpass in Piazza XIII Vittime, the state of the asphalt of the side braces is the subject of discussion. Parallel roads, very often used by heavy vehicles, on which dangerous cracks have been created in the asphalt.

The weight of the trucks in transit, combined with the action rainwater created these dangerous depressions.

Disruptions of the road surface which, in some cases, turn into real craters. Holes that force motorists to brake suddenly or to slow down, in order to avoid getting into them. But, sometimes, prudence is not enough. Thus the suspensions and shock absorbers of the transit vehicles are put to the test. Problem that, of course, gets worse with the arrival of evening and with the rain, which literally fills the hole, preventing drivers from realizing the presence of the hole. A problem, that of the hollows, which is joined by the presence of crushed stone all around. A strip of fragmented pitch very dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists. The risk is that of slipping on the ground with all the consequences of the case.

Holes in the city, as well as 2600 interventions by Rap

A theme, that of holes, which clearly does not concern only via Crispi. But, in the last few weeks in particular, it has turned out to be a topic of municipal importance. To put it in black and white are the data provided by the Rap company, a subsidiary of the Municipality that deals, among other things, with the extraordinary interventions on the chasms that have opened in the city.

Rap reports that it has carried out about 2600 interventions in the city. This in the period between 1 and 30 December. Of these, about 1100 were carried out with hot asphalt, while 1500 with cold material. Over the New Year’s weekend, the teams had to work in an emergency, only with cold asphalt. This is because the suppliers delivering the hot mix were closed for the holidays.

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