“Embrace of lights” Piazza Revolution lights up with hope, from 19 to 26 December 2021 in Palermo

“Embrace of lights” Piazza Revolution lights up with hope, from 19 to 26 December 2021 in Palermo

On 19 December in Piazza Revolution 1, hours 18: 30 the initiative “Embrace of lights” an artistic and socio / cultural project that aims to enhance the territory and metaphorically “embraces” the whole community for Christmas;

Embrace of Lights was born with the intention of strengthening the concept of union and hope, especially in this historical moment and it will be done by offering citizens visions and suggestions that will give hope through art which can communicate positivity and confidence in the future.

Abbraccio di Luci Palermo dicembre 2021
Image provided by the press office in charge.

“Embrace of lights” is a project strongly desired by Whats’art, Kokalo group and Arèa and realized thanks to the strong collaboration of the I District of the Municipality of Palermo.

Starting from 19 and up to 26 December 2021 in Palermo, Piazza Revolution, will light up with hope, art, culture and traditions.

Among the lights that will illuminate the square where the pagan patron saint of Palermo stands and via Schiavuzzo, there will be visible paintings made by Sicilian artistic workers.

Inside the Arèa space, on the other hand, excellences of the territory will be exhibited between art, design and craftsmanship.

On 23 December at 11. 00 in piazza si will hold an impromptu painting in which all visitors will be able to attend and it will also be an artistic moment of attraction even for those who will be there only passing through, whether they are tourists or citizens, will be inexorably involved and attracted by the art made in Sicily and in this regard Giovanni Lo Verso and Giorgia Görner Enrile di Arèa declare: << L’arte nasce con una finalità di comunicazione con il sociale, veicola attitudini e sensibilità di una determinata epoca storica e di un territorio. Arèa, che da tempo lotta per dare nuovo impulso al quartiere, storico centro produttivo ed economico della città, sposa questo progetto per rafforzare il senso di comunità e riqualificare il territorio coinvolgendo cittadini e turisti, generando anche occasioni di aiuto reciproco e solidale>>.

It should be noted that, in compliance with the current regulations to combat the covid – 19, in order to access the enclosed spaces and / or circumscribed, it will be necessary to have a green pass.

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