Eliana Camaioni presents her book Nessun Dorma at the Regional Museum of Messina

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The book will be presented on Friday 8 July, at 6.45 pm, at the Regional Museum of Messina “No Dorma” from Eliana Camaioni , published by Algra Editore.
During the meeting they will talk with the author Cristina Marra And Daniela Conti.
Theatricalization by the students of the Il Sistina Academy: Giorgia Donato, Desirée Marino, Attilio Terzi Lombardo.

THE PLOT. A will, two former high school mates, three dates and an upcoming catastrophe that threatens the city of the Strait.
Only ten days to avoid the irreparable.
It all begins when Alianna Braschi, archaeologist and director of the Messina Museum, is designated among the heirs of this cavalier Alfonso Ricciardi, unknown to her, together with Marco Stagnoli, her former flame in high school, now professor of physics at Harvard.
But from the moment the envelope is opened, the legacy will appear more complex than a simple legacy: Ricciardi entrusts her and Stagnoli with the urgent completion of her studies, the key to which is all in a deficient text locked in a safe deposit box in Venice.
Mysterious studies as much as his death, on which the protagonists are asked to shed light.
From that moment on, the pace will be tight: from Alfonso’s studies the imminence of a catastrophic event will emerge, which “in one way and in one place the sacred betrothed will be able to stop”.
The narration in two voices, which will alternate throughout the novel, gives the reader the two parallel worlds of Marco and Alianna, also setting him apart from the truths that the two protagonists hide from each other.
With unpredictable consequences.

Eliana Camaioni, born in 1973, literary critic and blogger.
PhD in Philology, former professor of Latin and Greek, scholar of the mysteries of ancient civilizations.
Collaborator of the magazine Letteratitudine, she is the blog #unminutodilibri for the Messina Today newspaper.
You have published Undetected truths (2007), The bond of water (2008), L’amoretiepido (2014); you won the Earthquake Prize of Paper in 2012 with the story Senza parachute and in 2015 the Osservatorio Città di Bari Prize with the theatrical screenplay Caffè macchiato.
She spends much of her time between studies of shamanism and the countryside that is dear to her, in the city of the Strait where she was born.

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