Elettra Lamborghini, feeling ill after a concert in Mazara: “Too hot and too many cannoli”

Elettra Lamborghini, the artist, fainted due to the heat after her concert in Mazara del Vallo. She shared with her fans on Instagram what happened after her performance in the hot temperatures that have been plaguing Sicily for weeks. In the photos she shared, Lamborghini can be seen lying down and having her legs raised by a staff member. Despite fainting, she smiled and wrote that she collapsed due to the intense heat. However, she assured her fans that she was okay and jokingly blamed it on possibly losing too much fluid and eating too many cannoli. She even showed a tray of cannoli in the video and joked about blowing out a candle while lifting her hips and legs.

Elettra Lamborghini, malore dopo un concerto a Mazara: «Troppo caldo e troppi cannoli»

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