Electric bikes modified to resemble motorbikes: shocking results of checks in Siracusa and Floridia

Twenty-one electric bicycles, modified to increase their speed, were seized in Siracusa and Floridia by the Carabinieri, who imposed fines totaling over 150,000 euros. The checks were carried out with the technical support of personnel from the Civil Motorization. It was found that 100% of the assisted pedal bicycles checked had been converted into mopeds with an accelerator or potentiometer on the handlebars. This resulted in fines for not having a driver’s license, not wearing a helmet, not having registration, license plates, and car insurance. The fake electric bikes were confiscated, and fines up to 8,000 euros were imposed on each. The modifications raised the risk of road accidents. All the vehicles were equipped with clandestine kits allowing them to move through the city streets like real electric scooters, regardless of the pedal force. The service was favorably received by passersby. Videos of the checks and a statement from Captain Chiara Ricciardi, commander of the Carabinieri unit in Siracusa, were released. Similar actions will be taken in other areas of the province in the coming weeks.

Tutte le bici elettriche modificate e rese uguali ai ciclomotori: lo sconcertante esito dei controlli a Siracusa e Floridia

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