Electric bike collides with tourist-driven car in Agrigento: young man hospitalized

There was a road accident in via Francesco Crispi in Agrigento, involving a car driven by a German tourist and an electric bicycle carrying a young immigrant. The impact was very violent, causing the immigrant to be thrown off the saddle and onto the pavement, resulting in several injuries. The driver of the Audi was unharmed. Emergency services arrived at the scene and transported the young man to the hospital with a code red. The municipal police conducted investigations to determine the exact dynamics of the collision. This is just one of many recent accidents in the city, as a 24-year-old woman was also hit by a car while crossing the road in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele three days ago. She was thrown onto the pavement after being hit by a vintage car and also required hospitalization.

Agrigento, scontro tra una bici elettrica e l’auto guidata da un turista: un giovane in ospedale

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