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Elections Palermo, Ferrandelli: “The League has spat on our history” – vivienna

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PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – “This is the second list in support of my candidacy, a sign of the great participation of citizens in the electoral campaign.
Many Palermitans and Palermitans have understood the meaning of this autonomous candidacy of the alignments that wants to offer a safe guide, a candidacy born from fifteen years of commitment in our city, from the knowledge of the administrative machine and, above all, a candidacy that offers citizens real resolutions to problems “.
To say it is the candidate for mayor of Palermo with Action and + Europe, Fabrizio Ferrandelli, who this morning presented the list ‘E tu splendi Palermò.

“We hear about the lines of choice of candidates, we have a program, a project, a story that speaks for us and many citizens who want to give their contribution by getting involved – adds Ferrandelli -.
Tu splendi is an important quote, a quote from Pasolini ‘They will tell you not to shine and you shine instead, it seems the suitable metaphor for Palermo, a city in which many say not to shine and that it will always be like this, the resignation that exists it has always been, the political forces that have spat on our history and our identity.
I am referring to the League, because it will not be enough to change the name by becoming civic by disguising ourselves to make us forget the years in which they wanted the South to disappear and our identity to be erased.
We are tired of seeing Palermo last on all the rankings, the citizens have given track, to the future mayor, of the problems to deal with starting from garbage, cemeteries, mobility, services and livability.
Compared to this, the outgoing administration has always been rejected.
Palermo can shine.
This list is made up of citizens, professionals who have shops and businesses.
Tu splendi will be a civic list in support of my candidacy and will be in support of many citizens who do not give up “.

Ferrandelli also focused on internal struggles in parties and on the numerous candidates for mayor of the Sicilian capital: “What idea did I get? That nobody loves Palermo, the political forces are doing a muscle test within them.
I am a candidate to govern Palermo and give answers to the citizens.
I have the ideas and proposals to do it “.
Finally, on Franco Miceli’s opening towards him, Ferrandelli comments: “At the ballot Miceli will be able to make the serious choice to support my political project that we have presented for the city, because it is a project that comes from afar, we are not catapulted, we have always been there for Palermo and, above all, we are a discontinuity “.