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Elections in Palermo, Faraone plays at the center-right table

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Franco Miceli has started his rounds as the sole candidate of the center left.
Meanwhile, the communication agency is completing the graphics for the election advertising and then allowing the architect to introduce himself to the city, probably with a public meeting on Friday at Villa Filippina.
Even the work on the candidate’s list is tiring, because you have to balance your forces well and listen to all the legs in support of his adventure.
Rosario Filoramo, secretary of the Democratic Party, for example, believes that only members of civil society and no politicians should be present in the formation of Miceli.
Position, like the others, which will be discussed in coalition meetings: one is scheduled today.
(…) As if he had bought the ticket for a bullfight, Davide Faraone, senator of Italia Viva, watches the show.
He has chosen a low profile, he is in the running, his face is on the posters but he does not feed the hullabaloo of statements, of positions taken, he does not participate in the circus of politics.
To the point that someone thinks he is out of sight.
A report by Giancarlo Macaluso is currently on newsstands in the Giornale di Sicilia

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