Elections for renewal of the Syracuse Medical Order Council, President Madeddu’s list wins

Together ”totaled 433 average list votes, while“ Rinnovamento ”collected 355 average list votes, with a difference of 77 votes. In the end, in fact, the resounding victory emerged from the polls, with a “coat” of 18 to zero, of the list of …

Elections Valenza: discussion on city health, with Luca Ballerini and Domenico Ravetti

… Near the elections of 20 and 21 September. This Tuesday at 9 pm, at the headquarters of the committee … basic and chronic with a further increase in telemedicine services together with the doctors of …

Regionali, Toti: «Liguria will go ahead with autonomy and EU funds. The moderates are with us “

… even before politics, look to continue the administration of the Region, elections … But a regional integration of the collective agreement of family doctors would also be needed ‘. L’…

Order of Doctors of Syracuse, the ‘Together’ list wins the elections

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