Elderly man missing with his “motoape” found dead in Lentini.

The elderly man who went missing in Lentini last Monday has been found dead. The body of Alessandro Filadelfo, 89 years old, was found near an old school. It is now up to the investigators to clarify the circumstances of the death. There had been no news of the man for 4 days, when he had driven away from home on his motorbike. He had not told anything to his family, who, upon not seeing him return to his home, had filed a missing person report at the Lentini police station, initiating the investigation. Law enforcement and volunteers began the search. The officers initially focused on places frequented by the elderly man, and then searched the entire area without any results until last night when the 89-year-old was found dead.

Lentini, trovato morto l’anziano scomparso con la sua motoape

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