Elderly, 16 parishes in Syracusano transformed into vaccination points

Extraordinary vaccination day in parishes today, thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed between the Presidency of the Sicilian Region and the Sicilian Bishops’ Conference which provided for the use of the parish premises as a population vaccination point.

There were 16 parishes in the province of Syracuse that joined the initiative with the aim announced by the Sicilian Region of accelerating the immunization campaign also involving unconventional structures to more easily reach the population groups from 69 to 79 years old.

Efficient was the organization set up by the ASP of Syracuse which for the extraordinary day, alongside the other active vaccination points, has prepared teams of medical, nurses, administrative and IT health workers of the Department of Medical Prevention and of the four Districts health, who went to the parishes of the municipalities of Syracuse, Augusta, Melilli, Lentini, Francofonte, Buccheri, Solarino, Noto, Pachino and Rosolini, who joined, and subjected to vaccination with Astrazeneca how many entitled, about 450, had booked through the parishes.

Volunteer associations, including retired Carabinieri, the Italian Red Cross and Civil Protection, sick transport companies affiliated with private ambulances, with the support of 7 resuscitation ambulances and company facility management teams for the transfer of vaccines. “As it was for the vax day, also this additional extraordinary initiative promoted by the Sicilian Region to accelerate the anticovid immunization campaign – comments the general manager of the Syracuse ASP Salvatore Lucio Ficarra – found ready and efficient company personnel, associations of voluntary work, affiliated companies, mayors, parish priests, municipal police and all those who collaborated with us for the success of the event to which all the gratitude of the company management goes “.

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