Elder robbed in the hall of his building, the criminals made 3 withdrawals at the ATM

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 08:30

Using the ATM card and the pin code attached to it, they made three withdrawals of 500 euros. Therefore, the money taken away from the two alleged criminals to the 88-year-old pensioner residing in a building in via Gioeni amounts to 1,500 euros before the ATM was blocked. The carabinieri, yesterday, were concentrating – to rapidly develop the investigative activity – on the video surveillance systems of the banking institution, in the center of the city of the Temples, where the two carried out the withdrawals. He was formally asked to acquire the camera recordings, with the hope of course of being able to give an identity to the two. But as the hours go by, there seems to be something wrong with the story-denunciation formalized by the old man who, apparently, would not remember exactly how the facts went. Robbed in the hall of his building: two criminals take away the 88-year-old retiree’s purse The eighty-year-old – according to what he reported to the Arma military – reported that he was followed along via Gioeni and was pushed into the entrance hall of his building by the two young people who pulled his bag away where he kept his wallet with a few tens of euros, the documents and the ATM card with the pin code together. But from the videos of the video surveillance system placed in the garrison of the building, videos that have already been acquired by the carabinieri of the Agrigento station, it would not emerge that the elderly man was pushed and then, in the entrance hall of the building, “mugged” of the bag . It is not excluded – but there are no institutional confirmations in this regard – that the carabinieri may also return to listen to the elderly, perhaps to try to clarify what, yesterday, seemed to be inconsistencies. However, of course, this is a person who has advanced in years who, probably, was also in shock at what happened to him. The “keystone” can only be the videos of the video surveillance systems of the bank where the two – one tall and thin and the other of medium height and corpulent – made the three withdrawals of money, immediately after About 3.30 pm on Thursdays.

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