Educational projects in Sicilian schools, Turano: “Five come from Marsala institutes”

There are 186 proposals from Sicilian schools for the promotion of legality, respect for women, and education on accepted differences, all eligible for regional funding. The regional councilor for Education and Vocational Training, Mimmo Turano, expressed satisfaction that five of these proposals come from schools in Marsala, a city where two teenagers were recently ordered to wear electronic bracelets to prevent stalking incidents. Turano emphasized the importance of the region’s financial support for these projects, totaling over 2.7 million euros, and saw the presence of initiatives from Marsala schools in the rankings as a hopeful sign. He also highlighted the need for institutions, families, and schools to reflect on the recent legal case and its implications for education and youth welfare.

Progetti educativi nelle scuole siciliane, Turano: «Cinque provengono da istituti di Marsala»

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