Ecosistem Lameziasoccer takes back the Strait and faces Pro Nissa

After two consecutive rounds at Palasparti it is time to go back to the strait and face the twentieth day of the championship for the Ecosistem Lameziasoccer.

The Lametina team is back from two good home performances that have brought four precious points to the farmhouse if we consider the opponents. A tail-head on which few would have bet for the four points that instead arrived and without “contingent situations” could have been as many as six.

Evidently, the guys from Carrozza have understood the importance of all the battles they will have to face until the end of the season to try to get to the areas that count in the ranking. Until the end of the regular season the orange will have to face a whole series of head to head clashes that will determine the outcome of the ranking, not only for them but also for the other teams. With so many teams aspiring to the play-offs, there are so many head-to-head matches to play, and that’s where the final grid will be decided. Of course, as long as no points are lost along the way with the other teams.

In the Press Room to analyze the Orange moment this week is Andrea Deodato. Home-made bomber who has abundantly (13) exceeded the goal quota of his first cadet championship (10) and, certainly, does not want to stop there. “In reality we are a team whose game leads anyone who is on the pitch at that moment to be able to score because through our choral game we always manage to create different opportunities for everyone and in fact those who have benefited less from it all”. With Scervino a small family fight for the title of team top scorer. “We certainly won’t discover Scervino’s qualities this year as his history and career scores speak for him. We hope to continue both, and why not also someone else to increase as much as possible the personal score and consequently the team “. Apart from the goals, the team has performed well in this period. “Yes, the latest performances have been more convincing, to these I would also add the trips to Ispica and Cosenza (against Catanzaro) where, even if unfortunately we have not collected points, the team has shown that it is there and can fight against anyone”.

Beyond the strait tomorrow the Ecosistem will find the Pro Nissa who does not hide the ambition to climb some positions in the standings by exploiting the home factor. A formation faced recently at Palasparti that initially had put the orange in difficulty. “Very true, already in the first leg, beyond the result, they proved to be an excellent team, organized, playing well at 5-a-side football and with excellent individuality and choral play. It will certainly be a difficult match to face with the utmost commitment and concentration ”.

In the list of players called up by Mr. Carrozza there is no news compared to the last outing against the Futura: Goalkeepers: Sperli and Mastellone. Movement: Mantuano, Gatto, Caffarelli, D’Agostino, De Masi, Pereira, Deodato, Scervino, Morelli and Montesanti.

The match will be played at the PalaMilan in Caltanissetta, starting at 5 pm, always behind closed doors but with the possibility of following it in live streaming on the facebook page of Ecosistem Lameziasoccer.

The direction will be entrusted to Alessandro Alfredo Cartisano and Domenico Saccà of Reggio Calabria. Timekeeper: Francesco Campione di Enna

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