Ecobonus, 33 thousand companies at risk. The alarm raised in Ragusa by President Costantini

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19 Jun 2022 18:10

“Because of the war we have new scenarios on eco-bonuses: families are unable to make the interventions and businesses cannot make investments.
It is a lack of respect for the Italians.
The commitment until 2023 must be maintained.
According to our survey, what is happening could lead to the death of 33,000 small businesses.
If I am not yet clear, I say that 160,000 people will lose their jobs ”.

The national president of Cna, Dario Costantini, frozen the audience, speaking in Ragusa, for the continuation of his tour which, since he was elected on 14 December last year, is seeing him present in all the territorial offices of the confederation.
The president of the territorial Cna of Ragusa, Giuseppe Santocono, together with the territorial secretary, Carmelo Caccamo, did the honors.
There were also Sebastiano Battiato, Cna Sicily regional president, Cna Sicily regional secretary Piero Giglione, national vice president Giuseppe Cascone and the presidents and secretaries of the Sicilian territorial Cna.
The initiative was commissioned by the Cna of Ragusa involving the whole Cna Sicily system to also remember Pippo Tumino, the unforgotten manager of the trade association, 12 years after his untimely death.

On the question of access to credit, the main subject of the conference held this morning entitled “Credit and subsidized finance, opportunities for businesses”, Costantini said that “this is an atavistic problem for the survival of companies.
Businesses now have to pay back the credits.
It must be said that the owners are not asking for loans to buy the Porsche, but to create investments in the company and in the territory.
And if they ask for loans, it is because whoever commissioned the work does not pay and out of habit does not respect the payments “.
Another very heartfelt issue is that of the expensive diesel fuel which led to the unscheduled strike of the hauliers which sent the agricultural sector into a tailspin more than any other.
“In this week – the national president clarified – we have exceeded 2 euros at the pump.
The price hike began before the war broke out.
You have more problems in this region than others.
Transport by sea, ferries for example, is a drama.
We asked Deputy Minister Teresa Bellanova that the price of the ferries can be put on the invoice, in the space of a year the prices have increased from 400 to 1000 euros.
Our hauliers do not sleep in their seats at night, then they have to drive and there is the problem of safety “.

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