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During the last week, coinciding with the closures ordered by the government in the vicinity of the Easter holidays, the Fiamme Gialle of Etna participated with 93 men in the control service coordinated by the local Police Headquarters, verifying that the 252 citizens found outside their homes had proven urgent needs or reasons and that the 53 businesses were authorized to open. Only 7 administrative penalties were raised, of which 3 aimed at boaters in the province.

Check also at sea

The control activity at sea has made it possible to find, once again, that some boaters who love sport fishing, not fearing the possible controls organized by the Naval Operational Section of the Guardia di Finanza of Catania, were intent on fishing at night. in the waters in front of the Port of the “Etna” of Riposto, despite the restrictions dictated by the pandemic. Two boats were identified within a short distance of each other and 3 persons sanctioned.

A tourist fined in Caltagirone

In the calatino a “tourist” from Niscemi, in the province of Caltanissetta, was sanctioned, who for no justified reason passed outside the town he belongs to as he was probably attracted by the beauties of Caltagirone.

Closed a bar for 5 days

The green berets of the Compagnia Pronto Empiego of Catania also proceeded to notify the owner of a kiosk in the Etna city center for 5 days, raising an additional sanction against the employee who was mixing drinks for two customers at the counter.

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