Earthquake, new simplified procedures for constructions


From today, January 13th, for the construction of new buildings and for the implementation of seismic adaptation or improvement of existing buildings, falling in low-seismicity areas, such as that of Canicattì, Favara, Licata and other ten municipalities in the province , preventive seismic authorization will no longer be necessary even for the interventions for which the "decree unblocks construction sites" (decree law 32/2019, converted into law 55/2019) had prescribed the start of works only following the release of an authorization measure of the Civil Engineering. For these interventions, a simple filing of the project will now be sufficient, using the "Seismic" IT platform, through which the Civil Engineer will issue the certificate of deposit "in real time".

<< Law 156 of last December and the timely Decree of the General Manager of the Regional Technical Department n ° 08/2020, Architect Salvo Lizzio, offered us the opportunity to mark another stage along the way for a fruitful streamlining of procedures. , aimed at relaunching construction, which constitutes an important sector for the economic recovery of our local context. This process had already been started in April of last year with the identification of minor interventions, classified by the Sicilian Region, as "not relevant for the purposes of public safety". Thanks to this reform, which has effects on the entire provincial territory, regardless of the seismic classification, citizens who today intend to build a small canopy, a gazebo, a fence wall and other minor works clearly identified on the website of the Civil Engineer, they simply have to send a communication to the same office with a brief description of the works to be carried out, indicating the details of the designer and the works manager >>.

In the face of the significant streamlining of the procedures for a quick start of the works, the Civil Engineer will intensify the sample checks on the provincial territory, in order to verify the correct execution of the works, in compliance with the technical standards in force.

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