Early Arriving Rap Workers in Palermo Stealing Diesel Fuel

According to investigators, the theft of diesel fuel from a workshop was an easy task for two suspects. The investigation started in April 2021 when a manager reported the incidents at the vehicle depot in Via Ingham. Cameras were installed to monitor the internal yard in front of the mechanical workshop. The two employees arrived early for their shifts, entered without clocking in, and parked company vehicles inside the workshop. They then locked the doors and proceeded to carry out the theft. The stolen fuel was stored in a blue metal cabinet along with brown bags, plastic containers, and a rubber hose. During working hours, they transferred the stolen fuel using company vehicles to their private cars. This story is covered in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia.

Palermo, due operai della Rap arrivavano in anticipo al lavoro per rubare il gasolio

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