€ 700,000 loan to renovate the “Consales” building

RCS Volley Lab has been awarded a loan of 700 thousand Euros for the renovation of the “Consales” sports hall, following participation in the expression of interest in the call “Sport and Peripheries 2020”, promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The news was made official yesterday afternoon at the “Vincenzo La Barbera” room in Termini Imerese in the presence of the president of the sports association Corrado Chiavetta, the municipal councilor for Sport Pippo Preti and the Mayor Maria Terranova . Also present at the meeting were the honorable Luigi Sunseri, the senator Loredana Russo, the architect Carlo Borzellieri who carried out the project together with the engineer Ugo Tommaso and the surveyor Francesco Agnello and finally with the sociologist Antonio Sperandeo who oversaw the ‘aspect of the social planning and the effects on the territory that the recovery intervention would have. “The building will have to become a flagship for the city” says the president of the RCS Volley Lab, Corrado Chiavetta “and in this regard, I ask from now on for the utmost cooperation from all the companies sports and not, who will use it for their own activities in order to implement a prudent and careful management in order to preserve it and make it become more and more beautiful, functional and a point of reference for the hinterland of Termite. ” The project, prepared by the sports club, essentially provides for the extraordinary maintenance of the sports facility through functional redevelopment and compliance with the spaces and facilities, in accordance with current legislation, for competitive purposes, amateur as well as and for school and aggregative use. “This is a special moment for the sport of our city. The recent news of the financing of the Consales structure fills us with joy and bodes well for the future of Termitan sport “says the councilor for sport Pippo Preti ” is an ambitious and well-structured project wanted with determination by RCS Volley Lab who believed and obtaining an amazing result. The initiative already in its denomination – Sport and Peripheries – intrinsically brings what are its aims: sport and social recovery within the peripheries. This splendid news is added to the recent objectives achieved and in particular the delivery of the pitch area, located inside the Villa Palmeri, to the 5 Star Sicily Movement, which has taken on the burden of the recovery work and finally the reuse. of the football field the “Crisone” by the sports associations. “

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