Dubai, United States or with the family the summer holidays of Palermo players

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After an extraordinary season that ended with promotion to Serie B, Palermo players can finally enjoy their holidays.

The common denominator is relaxation after a busy football year that crossed the finish line only on Sunday 12 June, the day of the big party at Barbera and then in the city center.
Monday 13th private party with the sponsors and Tuesday morning departure and a nostalgic farewell to the capital.

There are those who have chosen a homecoming to their loved ones and those who are doing things big.
Certainly one of them is Matteo Brunoriwho after scoring his best double in career (on Friday 10 the wedding and Sunday 12 the promotion with Palermo) could only organize his beautiful honeymoon with his wife Dalila Calderozzi.
Destination? Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and New York.
Not a bad goal, before thinking about his future and giving an answer to the rosanero club.

He’s not having a bad time either Andrea Accardiwho with his girlfriend is on vacation a Dubai.
For the defender from Palermo (whose future is uncertain), a stop in the desert and a quad bike ride.
A wonderful holiday and a hope: to renew with the colors of his life.
Those of always.

In Dubai there is also Michele Somma, in the company of his mother.
An intimate holiday with his family, for him who was one of the most “wild” at the San Lorenzo Market on the night of the celebrations.

For Perrotta holidays in Campobasso, from his family, as well as for all the other members of the team who have decided not to do things too big.
Family, sea, humility.
A few more days, then at the beginning of July we will start preparing for the next season.

It is still early to trace a date on the start of Palermo’s retirement, but on 30 or 31 July Baldini’s team, ready to be reconfirmed on the bench (together with manager Castagnini), will play the preliminary round of the Italian Cup.
And he who knows that athletic training may not be in Manchester.


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