Drunk girl disturbs pizzeria customers, chased and strips Ragusa

Ragusa – She drunk, he drunk, they disturbed the patrons of a takeaway pizzeria. When the police arrived, they fled, and she undressed, remaining topless. In Ragusa you won’t get bored.

It happened in the historic center of Ragusa, in the evening, when a police car was stopped by some people who were stationed near a take-away pizzeria, who said that, shortly before, a young man and a girl, without masks, had annoyed the users who were waiting to receive the ordered pizzas, leaving immediately afterwards.

Once the searches were started in the city streets, the two young people, in an evident state of intoxication, were identified, but at the sight of the agents they began to outrage them, drawing on them with spit, then fleeing. After a brief chase on foot through the neighboring streets, during which the girl stripped naked in the upper part of her body, the couple was blocked with the help of a patrol from the Carabinieri and the Local Police, alerted by the Operations Room and intervened. in support of the Agents. The two young people, due to the psycho-physical alteration due to alcohol abuse, were transported to the hospital for the appropriate treatment. For the crimes for which the two young people were responsible, both were deferred in a state of freedom to the Judicial Authority; the young man was also denounced for unjustified possession of weapons because he was wearing a forbidden type of knife. The two were also sanctioned for violating the anticovid legislation.

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