Drunk driver crashes into a motorcycle, two young people seriously injured in Palermo

Two people were seriously injured in a traffic accident that occurred at 1:30 am last night in the roundabout between Via Villagrazia and Via San Filippo in Palermo. It involved a Mini Cooper driven by a 24-year-old who tested positive for alcohol, and a Honda Sh 350 scooter carrying two young individuals aged 16 and 19. The 19-year-old, Vittorio S., is in critical condition in the intensive care unit of the Policlinico hospital due to a brain hemorrhage: he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the impact. The friend also got injured and is being treated at the Civic hospital. The driver of the car has been reported for causing injury while under the influence of alcohol. The municipal police are conducting investigations into the scooter driver, including examining whether they had a valid driver’s license. The accident is being investigated by the accident section of the traffic police.

Positivo all’alcol si scontra con una moto, due giovani feriti gravi a Palermo

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