Drugs were hidden in the barbecue, Acireale drug dealer arrested

The carabinieri of Aci Sant’Antonio have arrested a 50-year-old Acese in flagrante delicto for possession of drugs for the purpose of drug dealing. The constant contrast to drug crimes carried out by the military directed them towards the 50-year-old who, in particular, would have “exercised” his illegal activity in the acese fractions. As part of an articulated investigative activity, the military followed him discreetly, observed his moves and blocked him for a check in the main square of the hamlet of Piano d’Api.

The military therefore asked the man if he was in possession of drugs and to his negative answer and after verifying that he was wearing nothing, they headed towards his home in via Torretta and here, after still being “reassured” by the interested in the absence of drugs of any kind, they started the search.

Research which therefore provided confirmation of the investigative hypotheses of the carabinieri because, inside a barbecue placed on the balcony, the man had carefully hidden a plastic container containing ten doses of cocaine, individually heat-sealed. Furthermore, in the continuation of the activity, inside a vase containing soil, they also found the necessary precision scale and the material for the packaging of the drug. The 50-year-old was placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority which validated his arrest.

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