Drug travel: From Gioia Tauro Plain to Siracusa

An anti-drug operation took place last night in Gioia Tauro, where 11 people were arrested by the Carabinieri. The arrests were made based on a precautionary custody order issued by the judge following a request by the Palmi Prosecutor’s Office, led by Emanuele Crescenti. Nine of the suspects have been placed in prison, while two are under house arrest. The Carabinieri’s blitz, part of the “Smart delivery” investigation, targeted not only the province of Reggio Calabria but also those of Benevento, Vibo Valentia, and Siracusa. The defendants are accused of illegal production, trafficking, and possession of drugs. According to the Carabinieri’s investigation, a group of individuals from several towns in the area had been managing the distribution of cocaine, marijuana, and crack in various locations from August 2020 to June 2022 using a well-established system.

I viaggi della droga, dalla Piana di Gioia Tauro fino a Siracusa

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