Drug dealing in Castelbuono, Ukrainian man caught by the carabinieri

Drug dealing in the outskirts of Castelbuono. A Ukrainian pusher, Andrii Besarab, has been arrested and the court of Termini Imerese has validated the arrest and imposed the measure of mandatory residence in Castelbuono and daily presentation to the police. The judge has also ordered the 25-year-old to stay home from 8pm to 7am and declare his whereabouts daily. Besarab was caught selling hashish to two individuals with mental health problems, and was arrested on the spot. Another 28-year-old was found with hashish during a police check, and marijuana was found in his home. He claimed it was for personal use, and was reported to the authorities. These incidents show that police surveillance is bearing fruit in terms of citizen and community safety.

Spaccio di droga a Castelbuono, venticinquenne ucraino scoperto dai carabinieri

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