Drug dealing and drug use, Li Bassi: "30,000 minors smoke joints, 2,000 take cocaine and heroin"


"The situation is extremely serious because there are also many minors who do not have the opportunity to buy drugs, but also to buy pizza and agree to cooperate in every way, including going to take drugs in Palermo. They do not understand the gravity of the transport, of the transfer to others. Their goal is just to get the drugs and some money. Unfortunately, many of these belong to families that do not have economic means. In Sciacca, in the Marina area in particular, there are many of these guys. The phenomenon spreads like an oil stain. I have been able to help many children to whom the drug has also caused other problems. Those who turn to Sert receive help and there are also improvements. " He said it, al Giornale di Sicilia, Paolo Li Bassi, who for many years was responsible for the Sert of Sciacca, a service in which many assisted come from the Belicina area and from a large part of the province.

"There are some elements found by Sert that make the picture even more worrying. One of these is the now constant exchange of hashish among boys who are now also passing psychiatric drugs that manage to get hold of themselves and this is of an extreme gravity so much that we have also recorded cases of very young people for whom hospitalization was necessary for the psychiatric disorders suffered as a result of drug use – continued Li Bassi, who has been retired for some time, -. Often we can't do enough, but we have to go on and that's why Sert is always a promoter of initiatives ".

In the province of Agrigento, "no less than thirty thousand young people smoke joints, drug use is rampant. Boys as young as 12 or 13 years old. There is a drift that seems unstoppable for soft drugs, while as far as heroin and cocaine are concerned, consumption is stable with about two thousand users ".

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