Drug bust: network of drug dealers in Scicli and Donnalucata dismantled with three arrests and two other measures taken

This morning, a drug dealing network was dismantled by the Carabinieri in the area between the town of Scicli and the seaside village of Donnalucata. Five people were arrested on charges of drug trafficking, aggravated by the fact that it was done in partnership. The operation, named “Bus drug,” involved the use of public transportation to move drugs and even included the participation of a helicopter unit from Catania. The suspects were involved in numerous drug transactions, and it is estimated that they made around 90 drug sales, totaling approximately 15,000 euros. One of the suspects was located in a B&B in Naples, while two others were found abroad.

Droga, azzerata una rete di spacciatori a Scicli e Donnalucata: tre arresti e altre due misure cautelari

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