Drought: Schifani ready to request national state of emergency

The regional government is ready to request a national state of emergency for the water crisis in Sicily. This measure aims to ensure the supply of drinking water to citizens, water for the agricultural and livestock sector, and to allow businesses to continue working and carry out projects on the island. The decision was made during a technical meeting convened by the President of the Region Renato Schifani, with the participation of various authorities and experts. Schifani stated that the situation is serious and the regional government is doing everything possible to address the emergency, involving all competent administrations and now requesting support from the State. The government has already activated urgent interventions and plans to launch a communication campaign to raise awareness about responsible water use. The Schifani government had previously approved a state of crisis and emergency in the water supply sector for specific provinces, and had declared a state of natural calamity due to severe drought for the entire Sicilian territory. They are implementing a detailed plan that includes actions to enhance existing desalination plants and acquire new modules to cope with the severe drought. The government’s commitment is focused on supporting farmers and breeders who are most affected by the crisis.

Siccità, Schifani: pronti a chiedere lo stato di emergenza nazionale

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