Driver of Messina Denaro worsens position: took him to clinic 50 times and asked for money.

After his arrest, Giovanni Luppino had claimed to only know Matteo Messina Denaro casually, but the investigations have dismantled his defense. Luppino, a businessman from Campobello di Mazara, was arrested on January 16th for accompanying the boss of Castelvetrano to his chemotherapy at the La Maddalena clinic. Luppino had initially stated that he was introduced to Messina Denaro by Andrea Bonafede under a false name, and that he had simply given him a ride to Palermo on January 16th. However, Carabinieri investigations revealed that Luppino had asked for money from businessmen, claiming to be an emissary of the Castelvetrano godfather and that the money was intended for the boss. This was confirmed by witnesses, to whom Messina Denaro’s driver had asked for the sums. The investigations have led to Luppino being charged with mafia association, and his preliminary hearing has been postponed to November 24th for the defense to review the new evidence. It has also been revealed through phone records that Luppino had taken the mafia boss to the clinic 50 times in two years, contradicting his claim of only occasional interaction with Messina Denaro.

Si aggrava la posizione dell’autista di Messina Denaro: lo portò in clinica 50 volte e chiedeva soldi per lui

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