Dream come true: Mafia-confiscated boat accessible to disabled individuals. Project presentation tomorrow.

The objective of the initiative promoted by the Order of Engineers of the province of Palermo, in collaboration with the University of Palermo, is to design a sailboat model that can also be used by people with disabilities. The project aims to modify the sailboat “Our Dream,” which was confiscated from the mafia. Students have developed three-dimensional models to make the necessary modifications and provide all the technical documentation and production for the functional adaptation of the boat. The devices presented will facilitate the movement of disabled individuals from the deck to the lower levels of the boat. The meeting will be attended by professors from the University of Palermo and representatives from the Lega Navale of Palermo. The Order of Engineers, who placed second in the national sailing championships in September, will present the cup to the President. A visit to the “Our Dream,” which is currently moored in Palermo, is scheduled after the event.

Our Dream, la barca confiscata alla mafia accessibile ai diversamente abili, domani la presentazione del progetto

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