Drama in Cefalù as hotels evacuated and tourists flee to the beach to escape fires.

In Cefalù, one of Sicily’s tourist attractions, a fire broke out in multiple areas, threatening the structures and forcing hundreds of tourists to evacuate their hotels. The fire affected the zones of Monte, Salaverde, Mazzaforno, Ogliastrillo, and Roccazzo, with the intervention of firefighters, the Forestry Department, two fire trucks, and even a water bomber. The tourists sought shelter on the beach to escape the flames, while the Coast Guard helped with their evacuation. The incident also caused traffic issues, with the closure of A20 and redirection of traffic to the 113 highway. Due to the emergency, the mayor of Gratteri closed the schools and urged residents to take safety measures. The situation sparked controversy, with the bishop of Cefalù criticizing the regional government for their inaction, calling for a general protest. In response, the president of the region defended their efforts to handle the issue and emphasized the need for cooperation and cultural change in protecting the environment.

Dramma incendi a Cefalù, alberghi evacuati e turisti in spiaggia per sfuggire alle fiamme

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