dozens of coffins still in storage, the health emergency is feared

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“The accumulation of bodies in storage in Piano Gatta, also in consideration of the summer climatic conditions, can constitute a health problem of potential danger to public safety, considering that the number of bodies destined for storage will increase pending resolution of the problem”.

To say so, in an ordinance, is the mayor Franco Micciché, who precisely to “alleviate the pressure on the deposit” has, with his own deed, ordered the possibility of the temporary burial of the deceased “in graves whose concessionaires show their availability also if the ties of kinship with the body go beyond those provided for by the municipal mortuary police regulations “.

Basically what does it mean? That today the owners of chapels will also be able to host the deceased who are not related by kinship, overcoming the prohibition that exists today to avoid the risk of possible speculation and buying and selling of burial spaces.

An urgent measure, the one ordered by the mayor, which arises from an indisputable fact: about 70 bodies still in storage and the absence of a short-term perspective for the resolution of the problem that has now lasted for over 2 years, when the Cga established the fact that the Global Service company could not have taken over the project financing management of the cemetery from Europa Costruzioni.
To date, it must be said, there are about 140 prefabricated niches under construction, but it should be noted that there are about 160 corpses awaiting a definitive burial because, in fact, stacked in storage or currently housed in private chapels.

An “explosive” situation that can be overcome, perhaps, after a new entrustment of the management of the cemetery, it being understood, however, that it will still be complicated to restart the construction of new burial areas.

News from Sicily 2022-06-25 12:46:00

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