Doubts arise over hanging of woman in Ramacca, with questions about the rope and blood on the body

The presence of abrasions on certain parts of the body and traces of blood, along with the weak rope around the woman’s neck, raise suspicions about the alleged suicide of 25-year-old Moldovan woman Vera Schiopu. The police noticed these inconsistencies and discrepancies in the statements of the boyfriend and a friend, leading them to change the investigation from suicide to homicide. Two Romanian men, the boyfriend and his friend, were arrested and are now facing murder charges. The autopsy results, expected tomorrow, will shed light on the cause of death and potentially confirm previous reports of the woman attempting suicide. The lawyer representing the accused men states that there were no prior incidents or signs of violence between the parties involved. This incident has caused concern within the Romanian and Moldovan communities, which are closely integrated.

La donna morta impiccata a Ramacca, dubbi sulla corda e la presenza di sangue sul corpo

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