“Don’t forget your pajamas”, in Syracuse parents go to the cinema and children go to kindergarten for free

Mom, I’m going out tonight! We are not talking about a teenager, but children from 3 months to 36 months, who for once will not stay at home in the evening with the babysitter but will go out to go to the nursery. There they will find hospitality, games and many free activities, while parents will finally be able to indulge and enjoy a moment of freedom. On the contrary 5. The initiative comes from the Department of Educational Policies of the Municipality of Syracuse, which has decided to open its city nursery schools at unusual times. Five appointments in seven different schoolsfor a total of 150 children per appointment.

“We thought – the Syracusan councilor Concetta Carbone explains to Gds.it – ​​to develop extracurricular activities this year, therefore outside the canonical hours. This to start a journey together with the parents, who are followed by our educators. We paid homage to the families five evenings. In each evening, 30 children, including those not enrolled in our kindergarten, will be able to use the nursery schools. Mothers will be able to decide whether to stay with their little ones, watching and taking inspiration from the great work that our educators do, or whether to go out with their own husbands, allowing themselves a little freedom, perhaps going to the cinema or going to eat pizza. In the campaign – specifies the commissioner – we wrote “don’t forget the pajamas”, since the children will be able to eat, wear pajamas and if it will be necessary to go to bed until the parents return”.

Each kindergarten will choose a theme and activities. Some complexes have already decided, other ideas are still in the pipeline. There are those who will make cookies together with the little ones, those who will dedicate themselves to Christmas decorations, but one of the nicest ideas so far is the holistic evening for children. Oils, ointments, perfumes, massages and soft music, for a moment of deep closeness between mothers and their children.

“In our mayor’s program, during the elections, says Concetta Carbone, educational policies were an obsession. School first of all, we can’t leave anyone behind. In our kindergartens we have cooks, we don’t give ready meals to our children. Furthermore we have nutritionists and dietitians who decide balanced diets. We work on children and families – she concludes – we have to take care of everyone”.

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