“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”, so Accardi greets the fans on Instagram

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Accardi relies on social media to greet Palermoafter more than 15 years of militancy. He signed for Piacenzauntil 2023. A long message on Instagram, intense and heartbreaking to confirm for the last time the love for his people in these years: “Explaining in words what I have experienced in these years would be an understatement but I want to thank the many people I met on this magnificent and very long journey which in the final stage gave us a magnificent promotion to Serie B. Starting with those who worked behind the scenes for the team doing the heaviest work always making themselves available, then my comrades and former comrades some of whom today I consider true friends with whom I have shared many sporting battles full of joy, some of these unforgettable”.

The defender from Palermo then thanked the Rosanero fansthe “real” ones: “A special thank you goes to the real Palermo fans, the ones who have always been there, those who are truly in love with their roots and identify with the team of their city, my affectionate greetings go to them because one is always proud to be Palermitans and Palermo fans in good times and bad. I will carry you forever in my heart. Your Andrea”.

Also from a few moments ago, a truly romantic post was also published by the official Palermo profile: “Between the list of bankruptcy in Serie B and that of rebirth in Serie D, in 2019, there was only one name in common: Andrea Accardi. As happens every day in football, today for Andrea as an athlete one cycle ends and another begins. What does not end is the love between a man and his land, between a person and his people, the taste for a story that will always be nice to be able to tell”, reads on instagram.

Accardi ended his experience in the rosanero after 141 appearances between the Primavera and the first team. Also 1 assist on the bulletin board.

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