Donate organs of young volunteer from Campofelice di Roccella who died from a brain hemorrhage

Salvatore Crisanti, a 25-year-old volunteer for the Red Cross, has passed away after a illness. Despite seeming to recover, a cerebral hemorrhage worsened his condition. He selflessly consented to have his heart and liver donated, which were successfully transplanted to two patients in need. Salvatore was a sports enthusiast, particularly of soccer and an avid Juventus fan. His funeral will be held today in Campofelice di Roccella. The director of intensive care at the Civico hospital in Palermo emphasized the importance of organ donations in saving lives and expressed hope to increase these efforts. Over the past two weeks, three multi-organ donations have been carried out by the hospital’s team of intensive care specialists. In one instance, an helicopter was brought in due to an accident on the highway to promptly transport the heart for a patient in Siena. The hospital’s anesthesia and intensive care unit has successfully completed eight transplants this year and had to refuse seven potential cases due to the organs being unsuitable for transplantation.

Donati gli organi del giovane volontario di Campofelice di Roccella stroncato da un’emorragia cerebrale

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