Don Minutella 'stripped of his cassock', many support him against the Church

the priest from Palermo was reduced to the lay state

  • The priest Palermitan Don Alessandro Minutella reduced to the lay state
  • In a video on youtube he says: “I am a priest inside and the sacred order is not lost”
  • Many people from Palermo, but not only, who support it

Since 18 last November, Don Alessandro Maria Minutella, the controversial priest from Palermo, has lost the rights of the clerical state. For him, the reduction to the lay state has come. This is only the last act of the very complicated and troubled relationship between the priest and the ecclesiastical hierarchies. However, in Palermo, but not only, there are many who support Don Minutella, considering him a revelator of important truths about the Church.

Three years ago the official excommunication

In November three years ago, the official excommunication for Don Minutella arrived. The former parish priest of the community of San Giovanni Bosco, in the Palermo district of Romagnolo, known for his critical positions against the church of Pope Francis, had been recognized by the archdiocese of Palermo guilty “of the crime of heresy and schism”.

Don Minutella, accused of having given birth to a parallel church to the Catholic Christian one, never took a step back in his convictions .

Thousands of views on youtube

Don Minutella usually speaks to his supporters through the youtube channel Radio Domina Nostra. After his reduction to the lay state, he did not mince words with regard to Pope Francis and the archbishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice, whom he has repeatedly defined, even in the past, “heretics and unworthy to exercise their role as pastors” and representatives of a “false Church”. For Don Minutella, the only exception would be Pope Benedict XVI, ‘forced’, in some way, to ‘resign’.

“They are afraid of Don Minutella”

Don Minutella said, again in a video posted on youtube: “I scandalized the very worried Bishop Corrado who offers a meal to the infidels in the sacred cathedral of Palermo, and who marries the heresies of his maximo leader, Bergoglio. Lorefice writes that I cause scandal in the faithful. You see what levels we have reached. I wonder what my crime is, this is an abuse of power, but it is also a sign of profound weakness, they are afraid of Don Minutella ”. Then a further consideration: “It has never happened that a priest, in the two thousand year history of the Church, has suffered two excommunications, the forced removal from the parish, the suspension a divinis, and now the reduction to the lay state. At this point, to them gentlemen who are real criminals, with blood-stained hands and no longer conscience, it remains only to physically eliminate me. I don’t rule it out. They do not know that I am a priest inside and the sacred order is not lost “.

Many supporters

Don Minutella’s video received over 800 comments. Many, as mentioned, the people who support it.

Just read some of the comments. Manuela: “Immense Father Alessandro! Thank you ♥ ️ God bless you and protect you always. They will implode in their lies ”. Annamaria writes: “Father Alessandro Maria Minutella, Sacred Minister of God for eternity. His sufferings will also serve for the salvation of His enemies. Thank you Don Alessandro for making me regain the Faith ”. And again, Elisabetta exhorts Don Minutella not to be discouraged: “Come on, Father, God help you !! He will see that sooner or later there will be Divine justice! Praised be Jesus Christ and Forward with Mary ”. Marta writes: “You will remain a beacon, a light in this tragic moment that we are experiencing. For all of us she is and remains Don Minutella! ❤️ “.

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