Don Filippo Barbera is the new archpriest of Ravanusa, welcomed by a festive atmosphere


In a festive atmosphere, with a Eucharistic concelebration presided over by the archbishop of the Diocese of Agrigento: Cardinal Francesco Montenegro, the new archpriest was installed at the Mother Church of Ravanusa: Don Filippo Barbera. The priest, originally from Sciacca, recently carried out his pastoral service in the Mother parish of Santa Margherita Belice.

At the time of his arrival, the civil and military authorities, the parish community of St. James and Our Lady of Fatima, the ecclesial community of Ravanusa and Santa Margherita were present.

Don Filippo will lead the parishes of Saint James and Our Lady of Fatima which are a pastoral unit. The parish community “assures them availability and collaboration, confident that with commitment and preparation they will be able to cultivate the best – write the Lord's vineyard so as to bear fruit to walk together in the growth of faith to make the testimony of charity come alive ". Don Filippo receives the mandate from the archbishop Montenegro who during the homily shows him the way to go in this new service: “In what you will do, put children, young people, families, those who suffer in the first place sick and the elderly. Will you tell me but I have to put everyone first? In a family everyone is in first place, if I say to you which child is in the first place what do you answer me? All!!! And whoever is at the center of your heart, each one of them ".

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