Dolce, Gabbana and… controversy. Giuliano Syracuse sister sister of Athens or competitor of Las Vegas?

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“Syracuse panem et circenses, was used for that timeless method of political propaganda that fed the ox people, the Roman plebs with donations of grain and circus shows, to hide misery and arrogance of inequality.
I have no doubts that the mayor here has outdone himself, in this part of the term, he set fire to all his cartridges, at zero elevation.
He has succeeded in his intent to bring the city and Ortigia to the top of the international imagination, which certainly did not need VIP references, but which will certainly benefit from it “.
The examination is by the lawyer Corrado Giuliano, one of the fiercest opponents of the choices – especially on Ortigia – of the mayor Francesco Italia.

“The event, beyond our pedantic criticisms, will certainly add to the glossy brand of the city, other than Massimo Cacciari, Jacques Derrida, Archimede and Plato – he adds – It goes without saying that, however, after the party, Dolce and Gabbana and the guests they will return to their golden cages, and we will have to manage the legacy of further media appeal that the city will acquire.
Will it be an ephemeral attraction? I am not convinced, however, it will add to the imaginary heritage that will move the mass tourist appeal towards our city, which yesterday wanted to be a city of culture and today is a candidate to be the city of pop and fashion VIPs “.

Giuliano shares the initiative in that key, but considers it a further “demonstration of our uncertainty of identity, of strategic idea, of how to be in the world, of what message this city wants to give of itself: whether sister of Athens or competitor of Las Vegas.
It is not a criticism, it is a serene observation …

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