Dogs found dead in Mili San Pietro stream: possibly poisoned

When residents noticed their presence, it was already too late. Two dogs were found lifeless in the Mili San Pietro stream. Animal welfare volunteers want to shed light on the incident, as it’s possible the dogs were poisoned. The municipal police has been informed to remove the carcasses to prevent health problems. Similar episodes have occurred in Agrigento, at the Valley of the Temples, and in Menfi. In Agrigento, one dog died and another ended up in intensive care. These were dogs that lived in the archaeological park. In Menfi, the focus was on four dogs owned by a doctor, who had adopted them from the municipal kennel and microchipped them. The owner discovered the carcasses on his property in Contrada Cinquanta.

Cani trovati morti nel torrente di Mili San Pietro: potrebbero essere stati avvelenati

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