Diving and motor disability, Francesco Falcone aims for the record of 55 meters

After a diving accident that took place seven years ago in the waters of Capomulini, the 47-year-old Francesco Falcone from Catania has not resigned himself to saying goodbye to diving and aims to set a new record, exceeding the bathymetry of 55 meters. Thanks to the collaboration with the diving “clandestine divers” of Giardini Naxos, last August 28 has already exceeded 50 atmospheres, visiting the gorgonians of Capo Sant’Andrea, in Taormina and plans to add a few more meters in the near future. A team of qualified Fipsas instructors, led by Giuseppe Arcadipane, assisted him. Francesco Falcone cannot use the fins due to the embolism suffered in the past, which made him lose the use of his lower limbs, but he still manages to orient himself without major problems in the liquid element thanks to the hydrostatic vest and his strong arms. The previous specific record is 51 meters, reached by the sub Martino Florio.

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