Dispute Center Convenience "Early June salaries"


CATANIA – Meeting, today, in the Prefecture of Catania on the dispute of female and male workers at the "Centro Convenienza" sales outlet (Essequattro Group) in the Sicily Center of Misterbianco. Present were the general secretary of the CGIL of Catania, Giacomo Rota, and the general secretary of the Filcams Cgil, Davide Foti, who met the company management, before the officials of the Prefecture. At the center of the summit was the failure to pay the fees due in June, July and the fourteenth month. The company representatives, illustrating the economic difficulties that characterize this particular passage in the life of the "Convenience Center", undertook to pay employees' monthly salary in a very short time. On the other hand, the other amounts that will be linked to the collection of orders are uncertain. The table was updated in September.

They declare Giacomo Rota (Cgil) and …

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