Discovering the natural wonders of Palermo: from Dall’Arenella to Acquasanta, along the Vie dei Tesori

This content describes a boat tour in Palermo, Italy that allows visitors to explore two beautiful caves only accessible by sea. The tour starts at the historic Arenella pier, where tourists can admire the 17th-century tuna factory, the Quattro Pizzi building, and the nearby tower-mill owned by the Florio family. The boat then takes visitors to the “Grotta della Regina,” known for its natural pillars and enchanting views, where according to tradition, Queen Carolina of Austria used to swim. The tour also passes by the former marine hospice, once a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, before reaching the Acquasanta at Villa Igiea. The final stop on the return journey is a surprise: the Grotta del Ninfeo, a hidden treasure recently uncovered by the Italian Navy League inside their harbor. This tour offers the opportunity to discover this fascinating stretch of coastline rich in natural and historical wonders.

Dall’Arenella all’Acquasanta, alla scoperta dei i gioielli naturalistici di Palermo con le Vie dei Tesori

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