Discovered an indoor marijuana greenhouse in Brancaccio, thirty-year-old ends up under house arrest

State Police arrested TDS (his initials), 30, on drug manufacturing charges. According to what has been reconstructed, on the afternoon of 27 December, the agents of the Brancaccio police station, passing through via Giafar, noticed an acrid smell coming from the homes of a building, a few hundred meters from the police station.

Following the investigations carried out, a house search was carried out on the first floor and a large quantity of marijuana grown in “indoor” mode was found. The investigations made it possible to identify the user, already known to the police, for crimes of the same type.

The investigative activity allowed the seizure of 197 plants of various heights of narcotic substance, for a total of approximately 96 kg; in addition to the seizure of the material useful for production, such as halogen lamps, filters, air conditioners, fans and fertilizer.

In the context of the operations, a direct connection to the public electricity grid was ascertained in relation to which E-distribuzione personnel proceeded to disconnect. The man was arrested for drug production and theft of electricity. At the outcome of the validation hearing, the arrest was validated and house arrest was applied.

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