Discover Caltagirone and its ceramics with Airbnb

Rosa Maria Occhipinti, a former pastry shop owner, has become an Airbnb host in Caltagirone, Sicily, offering tourists the opportunity to experience the city’s unique ceramics and crafts. Caltagirone, known for its centuries-old tradition of ceramic craftsmanship, has been chosen by Airbnb as the second district of excellence for its Made in Italy campaign. The campaign aims to promote Italian craftsmanship and culture to travelers worldwide. Occhipinti takes pride in being an ambassador for her city, building relationships with tourists and sharing the beauty of Caltagirone beyond its ceramics. The project includes informative webinars, materials for hosts, and a dedicated page in Italian and English to showcase each district’s attractions and products. The aim is to distribute tourist flows to lesser-known areas and support local artisans. For Occhipinti and ceramic artist Desirée Delfino, the Made in Italy project represents the guarantee of Italian excellence in craftsmanship.

Scoprire Caltagirone e le sue ceramiche con Airbnb

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