Discounts and app for tickets: the bus is now the driving force for Amat in Palermo’s recovery.

The article talks about the positive financial results of the public transportation company Amat in Palermo, Italy. The company, led by President Giuseppe Mistretta, has seen an increase in profits, reaching 1.5 million euros in 2023 and showing positive trends in the first quarter of 2024. The article also highlights the challenges faced by the company, such as the tram and car-sharing services operating at a loss. Despite these challenges, new initiatives like adding more buses and offering discounted tickets have led to a 9% increase in revenue. The company is also exploring partnerships with other transportation companies to improve mobility in the city. Additionally, Amat is planning to hire new staff to strengthen its operations.

Corse per il mare, sconti e l’app per i biglietti: il bus ora è traino della ripresa per l’Amat di Palermo

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