Discounted supermarkets in Sicily with the inflation pact: Complete list across 9 provinces

From October 1st to December 31st, some supermarkets in Italy will participate in a government initiative to combat inflation. They will sell a variety of essential products at controlled prices, including food, infant products, and consumer goods. These products will be determined by companies and distribution chains. The initiative, called the “tricolore basket” by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, will be available to consumers through fixed prices, promotions, distributor brands, and discounted or fixed-price shopping carts. The involvement of major actors in the supply chain, including modern and traditional distribution, cooperatives, pharmacies, and agriculture, is crucial to counter the rising cost of living and protect the purchasing power of citizens. Thirty-two associations in the Italian system have joined the anti-inflation pact, including those representing modern distribution, traditional trade, pharmacies, and the pharmaceutical sector. The initiative will also be present in Sicily, with supermarkets throughout the island participating.

Supermercati in Sicilia a prezzi scontati con il patto inflazione: l’elenco completo nelle 9 province

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